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 Zero's App

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PostSubject: Zero's App    Zero's App  I_icon_minitimeThu May 31, 2012 9:16 pm

Your Name: Adam Nicholas/Zero (love to be call as Zero c:)
Any Past Experience:
At DarksoulMS (hosted by Khuddin)

1. Why should you be GM? What makes you feel you're qualified?

Well the Answer is: I want to help the server community better, i know all GM Commands and i know how to deal with many situation, i always take responsibility for what i did, i never run away from it, and i can help many New Players if they need my help.

2. As GM, how would you contribute to the server?

As you know every server always have bugs or exploit, of course there will be a few people use it for their own purpose and me as a GM i will contact ASAP to the Owners and Every GM friends to check if anyone know the Exploit.In Every server we all know there always criminal as a GM i will stop those crime and bring justice back.And i also do GFX (still in practice) here something made by me:
Zero's App  Keybla10
Zero's App  Specia10

Zero's App  Aura_o10

*Note* Please do not take these items without my Permission
3. Do you have any past experience with server administration? If so, how does that help our server? If not, how will you help our server?

Yes i did have some experience in the past with server Admin (Khuddin him self), well for me the thing always make a server success is a Friendly and Fun Community, The time you opened this server is when you welcome Everyone in and of course there will be some problem can't be know before it happened either it is Drama or any other thing piss players off, at that point you must know how to calm them down and help them though their Problem and As a GM i will help calm them down and slowly help each of them with my GM friends

4. Without using a dictionary or Google, can you tell me what Clandestine means? Don't cheat, Be honest.

Well i don't really Understand what Clandestine meant, but i think its a Family that care about each other. Hard time will come but as long as this Family United there won't be any problem that can't be solved
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PostSubject: Re: Zero's App    Zero's App  I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 24, 2012 6:01 am

Approved. Official ClandestineMS GFX!

Zero's App  1zge0r4
Credits to: iTheZero for Banner.
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Zero's App
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