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PostSubject: DarkSoul GM Apps   DarkSoul GM Apps I_icon_minitimeThu May 31, 2012 10:06 am

Your Name: Khuddin (my short name)
Age: 20
Any Past Experience: Owner of KhuddinMS, CustardMS, DarkSoulMS. (all hosted by me)

1. Why should you be GM? What makes you feel you're qualified?

well i know most of the gm command, gm work and such. mainly because i hosted server at my own. i close all the server because of life issue and lack of money. (i not a rich person)

2. As GM, how would you contribute to the server?

i can do semi gfx (recolour stuff), wz editing and create map. i also can moderate forum. i can help the noobs if they ask me. i will do my best to help them.

3. Do you have any past experience with server administration? If so, how does that help our server? If not, how will you help our server?

for me, the key on success server is, good and friendly community with grate leadership. not just some kid become owner and banning people (like Toon at Dchaos).

4. Without using a dictionary or Google, can you tell me what Clandestine means? Don't cheat, Be honest. This question doesn't determine if you get the position or not.

for me clandestine is like a huge family that take care each other. (idk if that correct tho)

P.S: to see my work, pm me at xat. i will show. 1 more thing Phiix is my real life gf ^^

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DarkSoul GM Apps
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