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 iSoul's GM Application

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PostSubject: iSoul's GM Application   iSoul's GM Application I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2012 6:53 pm

Your Name:
Derek Lee.


Any Past Experience:
Yes, I've have many past experience as a GM although I've just recently got a new laptop because my other won't got destroyed cause my little brother spilled water on it etc.. So I won't don't have any GM proof on me but if you don't believe me I don't care.

1. Why should you be GM? What makes you feel you're qualified?
I think that I'm qualified to be a GM because I would love nothing more than to aid and regulate those that are in need of it. I will be there not only to replace the absence of the GMs that are offline but to do my job as is. I want to ameliorate the game play so everyone is satisfied as they are playing in ClandestineMS. Hackers on the other hand are an intricacy problem during game play. It’s unfair to others as they’re training through hours and some people hack their way up to level 200 and begin rebirthing. Besides that, there are many people that are beginning to dupe items by packet editing. Something has to be discharged and I’m willing to make an effect to help the community of ClandestineMS and all the members in it. I will create events so that the members of ClandestineMS would have a chance to achieve a reward. I know most of the commands so I don't really need a GM Command booklet but when I do I would use it.

2. As GM, how would you contribute to the server?
As a GM I would contribute to the server as being active on the server, since I already has summer break and that I can spend most of my time on the laptop, but I'm not a no life guy, I sometimes spend my time outside hanging out, and play basketball with my friends. I can help newcomers if they are need in help such as whats the currency, or what are the rates of the server.

3. Do you have any past experience with server administration? If so, how does that help our server? If not, how will you help our server?
I do have past experience with server administration and it will help your server because I'm really friendly but if someone pisses me to the point where I can't control my anger I might be a bit arrogant. It will also help with this server is because I can show friendship and I wouldn't be those administrators to abuse there powers to do whatsoever like banning, jailing, and giving out items that you aren't not aloud to do.

4. Without using a dictionary or Google, can you tell me what Clandestine means? Don't cheat, Be honest. This question doesn't determine if you get the position or not.
In my opinion, I guess that Clandestine means that showing respect to each other and thinking of each other as a brother/sister.

Thanks for reading ~
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PostSubject: Re: iSoul's GM Application   iSoul's GM Application I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 11:33 pm

Hope to see you in action, cheers

iSoul's GM Application 1z2n7na
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iSoul's GM Application
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