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 Events at Clandestine

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PostSubject: Events at Clandestine   Events at Clandestine I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 01, 2012 11:35 pm

Fashion Show:

Explanation: We will select two other judges to help me on rating people's looks. (Usually the first two to say "me.") They will also help me select a certain theme for the show. Players are given a minimum of five minutes to dress up according to the theme. The player(s) that accurately and creatively matches the theme and receive a minimum amount of required points will be able to advance to the next round. There are an unlimited amount of rounds `till one player is still standing.

Guess That Song:

Explanation: We'll use !say to tell everyone the lyrics. We'll say about 3 lines of the song, and the first person to tell me the name of the correct song wins.

Explanation: Basically, We'll warp the participants to a map where speed buffs are disabled. No skills must be used during this game, anyone breaking this rule will be killed. I'll summon those Rock Mobs you find in GPQ and LPQ in the map. Last survivor wins.

Henesys/Ludi/Ellinia/Sleepywood JPQ:
Explanation: We'll warp the participants into the beginning map of the JQ. We'll use swimming hacks or UFJ to monitor anyone who cheated by using VIP rocks. The first 3 people to make it to the top wins.

FM Hide and Seek:

Explanation: We'll be using GM Hide and standing in front of a portal to one of the FM gates. We'll use !say to give a hint, such as "The FM I'm in front of is lower than 15". Once everyone has picked a FM door, We'll then reveal myself, and the person standing right next to me wins.

Global Hide and Seek:
Explanation: We'll pick a map, warp there, use GM hide, then use !say to gives hint about my current location, spawn a Chicken so the seeker can be sure that they have found the right map, We'll then reveal myself to the first person that kills the chicken. First person that kills the chicken and says "I found you!" wins.


Solo - We will ask the players a series of questions relating to a certain subject/topic. The first person to answer the question with 100% accurate spelling will be the winner. Each question will be worth one of the currency.
Team - The players are divided into two teams. ('Left' and 'Right' Team) The member of the team that answers the question accurately and correctly will receive a winning point for their team. First team to reach a certain number of points will win. All members in the team will receive some amount of the currency.

True or False

Explanation: We will give a statement and you pick the right answer. Left side for true/Right side for false.

Winner(s) will get an #Item Of Choice or #CustomStats
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Events at Clandestine
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