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 Wilfre's GM/GFX app.

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PostSubject: Wilfre's GM/GFX app.   Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:15 pm

Your Name: Wilfre

Age: 19

Any Past Experience: I have been a GM in a few servers, Most of them shut down. I am currently a GM in DarkSoulMS, and I used to be a gm in CustardMS/FinalMS/LuminousMS (They kept changing the name) And I was an owner in EverSEA.

[FOR GFX] Sample of your work:(We won't steal it, No worries.)

I am currently working on this one:

1. Why should you be GM? What makes you feel you're qualified?
I am a good GFX, I try my best to try and draw good GFX. I am a good security GM, I am happy to patrol every single map. I am fun to hang around with, and I am a good event hoster. I think I should be qualified because one day you might need me, I am a helpful person, and I can be good of use.

2. As GM, how would you contribute to the server?
Like I said before, I can contribute a lot of GFX art. I can make Advertisement videos, and make them look better than D.Chaos ones. (Not advertising D.Chaos at all) I can contribute more Security, And prevent hackers and spammers.

3. Do you have any past experience with server administration? If so, how does that help our server? If not, how will you help our server?
I have many past experiences. I have been in many private servers, mostly as a GM. I can host any event you want, Roulette, Fashion show, X/O, Zakum, Horntail, PvP, Races, Hide and Seek, ANYTHING!

4. Without using a dictionary or Google, can you tell me what Clandestine means? Don't cheat, Be honest. This question doesn't determine if you get the position or not. A while ago I thought it was someones last name, but at work we had to look at stuff to do with Clandestine. So yes, I do know what it is. It means something like undercover, you are disguised, Doing things secretly, being surreptitious, etc.
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Natsu Dragneel
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PostSubject: Re: Wilfre's GM/GFX app.   Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:21 pm

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Wilfre's GM/GFX app.
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